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2020 Wood Badge Staff Application


2020 Wood Badge Staff Application

Are you interested in serving as a staff member for a Wood Badge Course? Staff members perform different roles during course. Wood Badge staff members volunteer their time and energy to conduct a top-level training experience. They are some of our finest Scouters. They understand the Wood Badge program. They set a good example. They are great trainers. They are cheerful and helpful. They must be models of Scouting character and leadership. They must be good presenters. They must be selfless team members committed to Scouting’s vision, mission, and values.

Wood Badge staff members contribute to the growth of each participant and thus to the strength of all the participants units. You make a difference in the lives of many people, even though many of them may never meet you. Staff members also benefit directly. You will grow in leadership and your understanding of Scouting. The Wood Badge program is so extensive, that each time you staff, you will learn more of what it offers.

Download the 2020 Wood Badge Staff Application here. Applications are due by Saturday, June 15th 2019.

Please read and understand the PHC Wood Badge Staff APplication Policy, Found below…

Staff Qualification

Staff members are selected to build a diverse staff, representing the different program areas (Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouts) and who are involved at unit, district, and council levels. 

To serve as a Wood Badge staff member, a Scouter must:

  • Be a registered member of the BSA and a strong supporter of the local council.

  • Have completed a Wood Badge course and completed their Wood Badge ticket.

  • Demonstrate the ability to train, to counsel, and to perform the specific skills, duties, and responsibilities of their assigned position.

  • Be enthusiastic, open-minded, flexible, people-oriented, and committed to implementing the course in a positive manner and according to the syllabus.

  • Be a role model, one who is well respected by volunteers and professionals.

  • Exemplify the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

  • Be approved by the Scout Executive, Council Training Committee Chair, Wood Badge Council Committee, and Area and National offices of the BSA.

  • Have completed a Trainer’s EDGE course.

  • Have a completed Annual BSA Health and Medical Record, Parts A, B, and C.

How To Be Invited To Staff

If you are interested and eligible to staff Wood Badge, complete the Staff Application. 

Significant consideration is given to an individual’s skill as a trainer and facilitator, more so than his or her Scouting experience. 

The Council Wood Badge Committee has many considerations in building a Council-wide diverse staff for course. These include:

  • What Scouting program you are involved with

  • What district do you reside in

  • Training experience

Staff positions are limited, but a minimum of one-third must be first time staffers. 

What Is Expected Of Staff

Staffing Wood Badge is a very significant commitment. It takes a lot of time and heart. Staffers must commit to participating in at least 40 hours of staff development activities. These typically involve monthly staff development sessions (8-9 hours each), one of which is an overnight experience. In addition, you must commit to helping set-up the course location by arriving in the morning, two days prior to participants arrival for each course weekend, as well as remaining on site for the entire course. The Wood Badge syllabus is extensive, and each staff member is expected to read, understand, and follow the syllabus. 

Every staff member is expected to participate and perform enthusiastically, arrive promptly for everything, be prepared, be cheerful and helpful, wear uniforms correctly, and do whatever is necessary to support the success of the course. 

Staff members are expected to:

  • Make Wood Badge a Priority. Most of us wear several Scouting hats. Because Wood Badge is a BSA National training course administered at the council level, staff is held to the highest standards. During your time as a Wood Badge staff member, you are expected to make course responsibilities your primary priority. The course participants deserve no less. Please discuss this commitment with your family.

  • Participate In All Staff Development Sessions. These sessions typically start four to six months before course. They may be at the council office, at the course location, or other location. Other meetings may take place for certain staff to prepare their specific responsibilities (i.e. Quartermasters, Troop Guides). 

  • Prepare Your Presentations. Wood Badge is a premier training and every presentation must be the best possible. You must follow the Wood Badge syllabus for every presentation, prepare diligently, and practice.

  • Recruit Participants. Staff members are among the most important recruiters. Each staff member should recruit three or more participants.

  • Pay Staff Fees. Staff fees cover food, training materials, and course t-shirt to name a few items. Staff members may also incur some other expenses in the preparation for course. If this cost may be a problem, talk with the Course Director about it before you agree to be on staff.

  • Wear Proper Uniform. Staff members need to have a full official BSA field uniform which includes official shirt and pants appropriate to your program. Staff members will also need a staff jacket and hat. These may be purchased or possibly borrowed.

  • After Course Commitment. Some staff members will have after course commitments. The Course Director must maintain communication with the Troop Guides to monitor the progress of all participants with respect to completing their Wood Badge tickets as well as complete all required close-out reports. Troop Guides will maintain contact with their assigned participants to monitor their progress on completion of Wood Badge tickets. 


If you have questions, contact: Cindy Iversen, Pacific Harbors Council 2020 Wood Badge Course Director at 253-906-1170 or

Download the 2020 Wood Badge Staff Application here. 

Email the completed application to: Pacific Harbors Council, Wood Badge Committee at or mail it to Pacific Harbors Council Wood Badge Committee, 4802 South 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98405.

Applications are due by Friday, March 15th, 2019.