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2020 Recharter


Internet Recharter

Internet Rechartering will be made available for unit renewal in enhanced version releases during the next two months (October and November 2019). The updated application will support Explorer Posts as well as Packs, Troops, Crews, and Ships previously supported by Internet Rechartering.

Impact 1

First provided is Version 9 that will allow units to fully revise their Unit Roster. Processing will end prior to the final steps before Submittal to Council. This interim version will direct the unit to return to Internet Rechartering to complete the renewal process when the next release occurs. No Fee information is provided in Version 9.

Impact 2

Next provided is Version 10 for units that were in progress or have not yet registered to start renewal. Units that used Version 9 will begin as Returning Users to complete their renewals and Submit. Units that do not begin until Version 10 is released will register as First Time Users and have full features and all functions including renewal Submittal.


The Version 9 initial process will be available for use after release on October 1. Version 10 will be available for use after release on November 1. Renewal processors will find it seamless moving from Version 9 to 10.

We are anticipating a fee increase to be announced by the National Office sometime after October 23, 2019. This increase will affect the 2020 Recharters and future registrations. We will communicate that information as soon as it is available.

Download a tutorial here

Version 9 is available here:

If you have questions, please contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive.