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Letter about PHC Fee Increase

Letter in Regards to the PHC Insurance Fee

October 25, 2019

Dear Scouters,

Over the past decade the National Council has encouraged councils to offset a portion of insurance costs by including an insurance fee as a part of the charter and registration process.

The Pacific Harbors Council has been able to offset these costs through Friends of Scouting instead of that fee.  With the many changes that our council is going through over the next few months, the Executive Committee has determined that we will need to begin having a fee that will be added into the 2020 cycle of rechartering.

Here are the actual 2018 costs incurred by our council for insurance:

  • Members Accident & Sickness Insurance - $6,805. This is an optional insurance our council maintains that assists families that have medical issues on Scouting activities. It is a supplemental insurance to the parent’s insurance.

  • General Liability - $44,606. This is insurance that is paid to our National Council to protect leaders and chartering organizations.

  • Property Insurance - $24,449. Insurance to protect our buildings and properties.

  • Other insurance - $7,066. We maintain several other policies including insurance for boats, trailers, and board officers.

  • Total expenses for insurance - $82,926.

At an Executive Committee meeting it was determined that we would add a $7.00 per registrant fee to the charter and registration process. It was our intent to raise this fee over a period of years to eventually cover the costs of insurance.

At the October board meeting a subcommittee was given the authority to change this fee based upon the outcome of an announced increase in registration fees from the National Council. It was determined that an increase in the council insurance fee would be required in order to cover the cost of liability insurance that the council has to pay. That fee is being increased to $15.00 per registrant and will not be increased for the foreseeable future.

The fee will be collected each year as a part of the charter and as members are registered.  You will find this fee to be a part of the online recharter starting this fall for the 2020 charter.  This fee is not pro-rated, the additional $15.00 will also be collected with all new applications starting January 1, 2020.

We are expecting the fee to help us offset about $43,000 of our $82,926 in insurance expenses.  We are truly sorry for announcing this increase so late, but we wanted to ensure that our liability insurance was able to be paid so that leaders in our council will continue to be covered for Scouting activities.

We wish this fee would not have been necessary, but believe protecting our Scouts, Leaders, and properties through these insurance policies to be vital in order to continue to provide Scouting in our community.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Duc Button, 253-682-2217 or email


Rich Waterman                       Ralph Voelker                Duc Button

Council Commissioner               Scout Executive             Assistant Scout Executive