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Summer Camps

2024 Camp Thunderbird Summer Camps

Calling All Adventure Enthusiasts and Leaders! 

Embark on a summer like no other at Camp Thunderbird, where every day is a new chapter in the grand saga of Scouting. As we gear up for the 2024 Summer Camp Staff, we invite passionate and spirited individuals to join us in creating an unforgettable experience for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA Trailblazers.

Calling all young knights and adventurers! Get ready for the most epic adventure of the summer at our Scout Summer Camp – “Scouts of the Roundtable”!

Step into the world of chivalry, honor, and valor as we transform our camp into a medieval realm where Scouts become modern-day knights. It’s not your average summer camp; it’s a heroic quest that promises fun, growth, and unforgettable memories.

This summer camp is open to any registered Cub Scout who will be entering the 1st grade (Tiger) through 5th grade (Arrow of Light) in the Fall of 2024

Get ready to blaze a trail of discovery and excitement at our Trailblazers Scouts BSA Summer Camp!

Are you a first-year Scout eager to embark on your Scouting journey? Look no further!

Trailblazers is specially crafted to guide our newest Scouts BSA Scouts through the essential skills needed to soar to the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. This summer camp is open to any registered Scouts BSA member.

Cub Scout Resident Camp
Pre Camp Information

Annual Health and Medical Form

Every Youth and Adult must have a completed and current Health and Medical Form. 
Current-Dated within the last 12 months.
Part C, which includes a pre camp physical MUST be included.
All health forms must be turned in at Check-in. No digital forms.
Please include a copy of your medical card (Front and back) or your Military ID (front only).

Check-in starts at 8:45 AM. Camp Staff will not be available before 8:45 AM. Check-in as a unit with all attending adults and youth.
Scouts cannot be dropped off without appropriate unit adult leadership.
Leave all belongings in your vehicles. You only need your medical forms and medications for check in.

All vehicles must be backed-in to their parking spots. Vehicles will be parked in the main Camp Thunderbird parking lot while overflow and oversized vehicles will be parked in the Camp Akela parking lot across the street.
Only authorized service vehicles will be permitted past the gates,

Your unit will have scheduled campsite pack up times. Please do not let campsite pack up time make you late or miss camp events.
Your unit will stage their belongings at a designated location in the campsite. Your staff guide will approve your campsite is clean and your unit is ready to leave camp.
You may then proceed to the parking lot and meet a camp commissioner (or other available camp staff member) for your check-out packet. A great chance for a picture at our Thunderbird sign!
Your unit members may then load up their vehicles and safely leave camp.

All visitors MUST check-in and check-out at the camp office.
Any part-time adults must check-in at the camp office WITH the adult they are replacing who will check-out.
If a youth or adult need to leave camp for any reason, they must check-out at the camp office. Any adults picking up youth will be verified with the Authorized to Take Scouts To and From Events section of the Health and Medical Form. Please ensure you fill this out prior to camp.

The duty of supervision falls on the unit and the adults of that unit.

Every youth and adult must bring their complete uniform for flags and meals.
Some units have different expectations for uniform etiquette so please follow your home unit’s standards.

All clothing (including at the waterfront) must be appropriate. Any images or wording that do not align with the Scouting ideals are not appropriate. We recommend clothing that prioritizes fit and function over fashion. 

Every participant must wear closed foot footwear. This means that any part of the foot inside the shoe should not be visible. We recommend watershoes/watersocks at the waterfront.​

Please contact the following Camp Leadership with questions or concerns.

Tricia Salazar – Camp Director

Michael Rogers – Program Director

Tyler Fine – Business Manager