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Share Your Scouting Story!

In Scouting, we are building memories of a lifetime and making an impact in our communities.

Great things happen in Scouting every day! We want to be able to share those stories and how the Mission and Vision of the Boy Scouts of America are being lived out and fulfilled every day in the Pacific Harbors Council.

We thank you for being a big component of Scouting and we can’t wait to see and hear the great things happening in our Scouting communities and programs!

We encourage you to submit pictures/videos and your stories of our events, unit activities, Eagle projects, Court of Honors, and more, featuring our own Scouts and families.

Visual submissions must be in good quality, electronic format and can be entered using this form or emailed to

Your stories (with photos/videos) may be featured in our Newsletter, Social Media, Website, or in Print.
By submitting photo/video, it is understood you have the appropriate permissions for it be shared across various platforms and outlets.

If you share your Scouting story on Social Media, tag us 


If Video is over 50mb please email directly to PHC Email