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Growing Leaders Fund

Pacific Harbors Council Growing Leaders Fund

To assist families in paying registration fees, your Pacific Harbors Council is offering one-time membership Growing Leaders Fund for those in need.

The Growing Leaders Fund is a finite amount of funds provided through donations by concerned community groups, individuals, memorial funds, and donations to the council’s Friends of Scouting Campaign.  Scholarships used by the council to assist with membership and camping fees for youth who could not otherwise afford to be in Scouting and are limited to 50% of the BSA Registration.    

To ensure the fund can assist as many Scouts as possible units must consider other options prior to submitting a request.  This includes determining what the family can afford, can the unit support part of the request internally, and has the unit approached their chartering organization for assistance.  Leaders submitting the application will need to answer these questions as part of the application process.  If there is Assistance available, it may be awarded to youth who could not join Scouting without financial assistance.

Units or Scouts are expected to participate in annual product sales.  The council provides the annual popcorn sale and possibly a spring fundraiser to help Scouts earn funds. Even if the Scout’s unit does not sell popcorn, the Scout can do so individually.  Selling popcorn allows the Scout to “earn their way” while supporting the council, and in part, the Growing Leaders Fund. 

To apply for Growing Leaders Fund assistance, complete the application form.  If you have not received a response within a week email Darrin Nicholson, Assistant Scout Executive, at and request an update. 

The form is to be filled out by your Unit Leader.


Our mission at Pacific Harbors Council is to ensure every child receives the benefits of Scouting. Our board members, community partners, fellow Scouters, and staff have contributed to this campaign to ensure no Scout is turned away due to inability to pay. We need your help to continue this work.

Please join us in contributing to our Growing Leaders Fund today.

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