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Pre-Summer Camp Orientation

Some FAQs

Please take the time to view the video provided and thoroughly examine your Parent/Leader Guide for comprehensive details. It is important to note that the quick FAQs summaries provided only cover a small portion of the information you need to review or know.

Check-in times are posted in the parent/leader. Staff will not be available earlier than this time.
No Scouts may be dropped off at camp without a unit leader or designated adult who will be staying at camp with them.
We ask for units to check in together.

Please leave belongings in your vehicle. The only items needed to begin check-in is everyone’s medical forms and medicines. Each person will have a chat with the medic when they turn in their health form.

Your campsite will be inspected prior to checkout. Your Scouts should check that personal items are packed and please leave the campsite as clean (or cleaner) than you found it. The Leave No Trace principles of Scouting will be the standard practice while in camp.

All campers (youth or adults) and visitors must check-in and check-out with the camp office.

We strongly ask that you don’t leave until your session ends.

Visitors will receive a colored wristband to be worn at all times while in camp.

When arriving at Camp Thunderbird, please park in the main parking lot. All vehicles must be backed-in to their parking spot, per camp safety regulations.

Overflow parking is across the street in the Camp Akela parking area.

The BSA Annual Health and Medical Record will be collected at check-in on the first day of camp. It is REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS, Scouts and Adults!

ALL camp sessions require Health Form Parts A & B

Sessions 3, 4, 5, & 6 require Health Form Parts A, B, & C.
Part C must be signed by a Health Provider.

Download your BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Here.

Bring your own tent. We no longer provide tents as they have gotten old and in disrepair and you will be far more comfortable if you bring out your own tent to camp this summer.

Tenting will follow current Youth Protection Guidelines. 

  • BSA Annual Health Form
  • Medication in original prescription bottles
  • Small (day) backpack
  • Tent (larger tents are more restricted for where they can be set up, so smaller is better)
  • Field Uniform (required for flags)
  • Comfortable closed-toed shoes
  • Water shoes
  • Watch
  • Scout Handbook
  • Spending money for Trading Post
  • More listed in your Parent/Leader guide
  • Have names and unit numbers on items to make for easy return of lost items.

These will be pointed out during orientations on day one.

  • Next to parking lot
  • At your campsite
  • Waterfront
  • Range


The Camp Campfire program will happen on the last night of your session.

If your unit/campsite want to have a nightly campfire that is up to everyone at the campsite. You will be provided with materials for a safe campfire including a rake, shovel, filled water bucket, and firewood.

Trading Post

The Camp Thunderbird Trading Post will have special camp hours. 
The Trading Post can accept cards or cash.
All Scouts must following the Buddy System or Youth Protection Guidelines while at the Trading Post.
Knives may be purchased by a Scout with parent/legal guardian present and their Whittling Chip.