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Recruitment Materials

Here is your menu of Recruitment Materials that your Scout Unit can order. Click on a link below to order! 

  • Printed flyers

  • Posters

  • Yard Signs

  • PeachJar $12.50 per school ($25.00 value per school)

  • Facebook/Instagram Ad

  • Recruitment Kits

Important Information, please read below!

Inventory of posters, flyers, yard signs, and recruitment kits is dependent on changes and current availability.

The person ordering the materials will receive an email proof of your flyer. The proof must be approved before flyers will be produced. Please allow three business days for your order to be fulfilled, after the proof has been approved.

For more information or questions contact Jessica Torres at 253-682-2217 or

PeachJar must be ordered 1 month before event date to allow for submission and approval from the school(s).

Facebook/Instagram ad is a 48-72 hour ad formatted for social media. Please reach out Tricia Salazar at for more information or to arrange your ad.